Day 34 – Mile 156 – Cody Gap

April 9
12 miles hiked

Today was maybe my longest hiking day (hours). I was on the trail from 830am until 430 pm. It was a mix of weather as well. At about 9:30 it was foggy and hailing then by 11 there were patches of sun the rest of the day.

At about 6 miles in there was trail magic at Stecoah Gap which crosses a highway. Someone left fruit and soda – I had an apple and a Mt. Dew. It is weird what foods you crave out here. At home I like diet coke or Dr pepper but so far while hiking all I want is citrus sodas and orange fanta is the best but Mt Dew is close so I really enjoyed today’s magic.

After that brief break was “Jacob’s Ladder” – a 700 foot climb in 6 tenths of a mile. It was tough but short enough that I was able to get over it quickly.

Over the top of that hill I finally caught up with good and plenty and toasted toad. We ate lunch and planned our camping spot. We hiked 3 more miles of brief ups and downs to Cody Gap because it has water source and camping spots. I hiked .2 miles down to get water and noticed a great spot to hang my hammock. Its a really pretty area where 3 creeks run together. It shouldn’t rain tonight so I won’t hang my tarp, the moon and stars are very bright above me right now but I’m so exhausted I think that I should sleep well.

Tomorrow will be a short day to Fontana Dam.


6 thoughts on “Day 34 – Mile 156 – Cody Gap

  1. Glad to see that you’re still on the trail! I enjoy reading your entries. I’m sure it’s nice to cap off a good day hiking with a great view. Have you found it necessary to use a bug net with your hammock yet?

      • No, I am not on the trail anymore. I am back home in Portland. I had a foot injury and got off in late April. I still cannot hike but I am doing physical therapy. I need to make a blog post about it but I was just too depressed to write it out. I am better then I was so I’ll post something soon.

      • So sorry to hear you had to cut it short. I just found this blog and read all the entries in one sitting.
        I hope your therapy goes well. Good luck!

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