Day 33 – Mile 144 – Sassafras Gap Shelter

April 8
6.7 miles hiked

I felt good today except for the last mile or so. It is a 3000 foot climb out of N.O.C. but at least the weather was really nice. ‘Good and Plenty’ and ‘Toasted Toad’ started two hours before me because I had some chores to do before leaving since I will probably be on trail for 10 days straight. I was having trouble ordering a sleeping pad from REI so I just called them and got it done.

I have been hiking with Toad and GNP since I left Franklin last Thursday. My trail name is Townie since I spend more days in town then on trail.

I caught up with them the last half mile before this shelter. They continued on but I stayed here since it was not windy and there was a great place to hang my hammock.

I plan on getting up early tomorrow so I can catch those two at some point. GNP gets up late so that should be easy.

BTW, GNP is a women from key west Florida and Toasted Toad is a retired secret agent from SC.

I should be in the smokies in 3 days.


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