Day 9 – Mile 58.6 – Tray Mountain Shelter

Hiked 15.4 miles

I woke up early and was on trail by 7:20am. This was the most miles I have done so far. I didn’t see anyone else until 10 miles in at Unicoi Gap. It was a warm day and there were two tough summits; Rocky Mountain and Tray Mountain. At about 13 miles in, a lady stopped me on the trail and gave me two Tangerine’s, she also informed me that there was trail magic about a mile ahead. I had already not been eating enough calories so this was great news.

I got to Tray Gap and there were two guys with a barbecue. They gave me an ice cold Mt Dew and a cheeseburger. I had another burger, thanked them, and continued on up Tray Mountain.

Colin showed up and we have plans for Helen, GA – it will be a tough day of hiking tomorrow to reach Dicks Creek. We plan on setting off at 8:30.

Tray Mountain Shelter was on the summit and was very windy but had great views. I set up my hammock on the side of the ridge that was not windy. I think I’ll be fine tonight as long as the wind doesn’t change direction.

Miscellaneous Stuff:
People met; Flash and Noodle (mother and daughter section hikers), Dent.


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