Day 8 – Mile 43.2 – Low Gap Shelter

11.5 miles hiked

Today was horribly windy and cold. I anticipated rain, snow, and cold weather but wind is something I had not given much thought.

I had the best sleep of my night last night since I started. I got all packed up and headed to Mountain Crossings for resupply. Once everything was loaded I started up the trail in the chilly wind. One hand got so cold I had to carry both poles with the other hand and put the cold one in my pocket. The wind didn’t die down all day since the trail followed a ridge the entire way. There were a few moments of respite where I got out of the wind, which is good for your sanity.


I reached Low Gap Shelter and set up for the night. There were about 30 hikers here tonight, maybe the most I have seen yet. I met a guy named Colin and he had similar ambitions as me for the next couple of days. Sunday looks like it will be nasty rain so we were talking about doing big miles tomorrow since it should be nice weather.

Randy has a bad knee so he will try and make it to the town of Haiwassee and get a brace.

I plan to get an early start tomorrow. My alarm is set for 6:20am. It should be the coldest night yet though, so who knows when I’ll want to get out of bed.

Miscellaneous stuff:
People met; Moxy (has guitar), Hail Stones.

Something that surprises me is how surprised people are to hear that I’m from Oregon. Most people on the trail are from surrounding states so they think its cool that I came all the way from the west coast. I guess this relates to people at home asking why I dont hike the PCT.


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