Day 7 – Mile 31.7 – Neel Gap

Hiked 7.4 miles

It rained hard all night but my tarp worked great. I woke up at 6am because I knew it would take a long time to get packed in the rain.

I got on the trail at 7:15 with my headlamp on. It was light enough a half hour later to hike without a light. It was still raining hard and I was alone the entire hike until I started to descend Blood Mountain. The top of Blood is supposed to have great views but not today. It was fogged in so this was my best view.


Here I am enjoying my summit time.


I got to Neel Gap at 11 and talked to Randy who left at 3am because his bivy leaked. He bought a new tent at Mountain Crossings, the outfitter at Neel Gap.

We decided to stay in a cabin for the night. The cabin was a great deal. We got a place with two rooms with queen beds, our own bathroom and shower, a full kitchen, and free laundry that they did for us. Also, they sent another hiker to us later in the day so it only cost $20 each. We cooked a frozen pizza in the oven and watched Shaun of the dead on HBO.


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