Day 6 – Mile 24.3 – Lance Creek Campground

We got a shuttle this morning at 830am to the trail. Hiking was a breeze and we made it to our destination at 12:30. We couldn’t go any further because the next section requires bear canisters so we’ll camp here and hike through that section in the morning.


Randy and I plan to hit the trail by 7am so we can get to the next campground before the crowd. The hiker traffic is high right now so we need to plan around the others. Supposedly a lot of people drop out past this next section.

I plan to do a light resupply in Neels Gap and then a bigger one in Hiawasee. We are eager for some whiskey so we might take a zero there too.

As am writing this I think I hear a bear trying to get someone’s food bag out of a tree. Hope he doesn’t get mine.

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