Day 4 – Mile 17.2 – Suches, GA – Nero day

I am taking a Nero day, which is a day where you hike nearly zero miles. I am ok for the most part but I have some soreness that is getting worse so I want to rest tomorrow and then continue Tuesday.

This morning Randy and I hiked 1.5 miles to gooch gap and called a hostel in Suches. They promptly picked us up and took us into town. The bunks just have a piece of carpet on particle board so it could be a rough night for sleeping.

The people who own the wolf pen country store which is connected to the hostel are really nice. The lady who picked us up has the last name Gooch, the same as the mountain I slept on last night. Its named after them.

We were dissapointed to find out that Suches abides by Georgia’s blue laws and does not sell alcohol on Sunday. We’ll have to wait for breakfast to get that ice cold beer we keep talking about.

At the hostel with us are a couple from Kansas , a guy from Florida, and an 72 year old man from Seattle. They are good company but are all heading back on the trail tomorrow.

Tomorrow should be uneventful but I am already eager to get back on the trail.


2 thoughts on “Day 4 – Mile 17.2 – Suches, GA – Nero day

  1. Hey Ike!! Wendy set me up to keep track of you everyday –So proud of you–Mike is on me daily if I know how you are–so now he can read everything with me–keep on keeping on!! Love you Auntie!

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