Day 2 – Mile 8.1 – Hawk mountain shelter

Didn’t sleep much last night, partly due to it raining and me not wanting to get out and adjust my hammock. I think another reason is just not being used to sleeping outside.

I got up a little late and didn’t hit the trail until 9:15. Reached Springer Mt. And the official start of the AT a bit later.


I have been hiking with Randy the most but we split up off and on. I met a group of girls from San Diego who are pretty fun. They built a fire at the shelter that I didn’t help at all with I threw a stick in and blew on it a little and one of them tried to give me the trail name ‘little helper’ – I dont think it’ll stick. It would be better than ‘Skirt’ which almost happened on springer when some referenced my rain kilt as a skirt.

I felt great hiking until the last 3.5 miles today. I need a big rest tonight. I am planning on sleeping at 9 so we’ll see how that goes. Tomorrow has some tough mountains. One experienced hiker said that tomorrow will make or break a lot of people.


One thought on “Day 2 – Mile 8.1 – Hawk mountain shelter

  1. Hi, could you tell me how much your hammock and tarp weight (packed weight) please? I couldn’t find it on your blog. Have a great walk! greet the woods.

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