I’m Homeless

I finally finished moving out of my apartment. I underestimated the amount of useless shit that I have and it took about 4 days longer than expected. Every time I move I always say that I’ll never do it again. The difference this time is I did not move from one place to another. Maybe I should say I will never move IN to another place. With the help from my friends and family I am not paying to store my stuff in a storage unit, which feels really good.

I went back last night to pick up one final load of my things and the new tenant had partially moved in. It’s kind of like seeing an ex with their new boyfriend – it felt awkward. I will miss my old apartment and neighborhood but my excitement about what is to come overshadows that.

My final day of work is this Friday and then I will have a birthday/(going away temporarily) party on Saturday. After that I will wake up jobless and homeless with plenty still to prepare. One thing I have not been doing is hiking. We got hit with a snowstorm here in Portland so at least I was able to walk around in the foot deep snow with my gear to test my shoes/socks/gaiters setup and I have to say I am pretty happy with it.

Starting Sunday I will have plenty of time to hike and backpack. If I was smart I would sleep outside every night until I leave in March.


January 18th – Mt. Hood – low of 22 degrees previous night.


7 thoughts on “I’m Homeless

  1. I am also doing the birthday/going away party this Saturday haha. Mine isn’t until the 23rd though. Enjoy buddy. I have another week of work, but I have to drive to MA, chilling with my parents before I can fly to GA. You start March 4 or 5 right?

  2. Holy cow! Ran across your blog through reddit. My friend and I are also flying out of Portland on March 5th (not the same flight). We’re starting our thru hike a day after you, though, on the 7th. Hope to see you on the trail! We’ll be the two slow chicks arguing with each other the entire way.

    • That’s awesome. You are the first Portlander other than myself who I have heard of going so that’s odd that we are flying out the same day. I might be doing the approach trail so if you aren’t then we may see each other on the 7th. If you guys are interested in doing any prep hikes let me know, I’ll be in Forest Park and the Gorge for the next couple of weeks.

  3. We’re not doing the approach trail, so maybe we’ll catch you at some point. Post your trail name as soon as you have one so we can look for you in the registers.

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