A Confession

I have never gone backpacking for more than one night.

Once I am done with work I will have a lot of opportunities for multi-day trips but as of now I don’t have a lot of experience. I am not worried about this fact but I just thought it was interesting since I will be going from 1 night to 6 months soon.

Over the summer my friend and I planned for a 2 night trip but forest fires and thunderstorms forced us to cancel. Then, this past holiday break I got the flu and was not able to get out.

I will blog about my experience after my first multi-night backpacking trip. Hopefully that will be before March 8th.


2 thoughts on “A Confession

  1. It’s 90% mental. If you are like me you just simply would rather be in the woods. Most people never reach that place in their life where they realize that the greatest things in life are not found in their comfort zone. No matter how wet, cold, hot & sweaty & nasty I get, I would rather be in the woods wearing my backpack. Freedom is on the trail. It’s not living in a dirty box, paying taxes and obeying like a good dog. And there’s no such thing as homeless when you’re a backpacker. Your home is on your back.

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