Things I worry about

I am pretty confident in my physical ability and to some extent, my mental ability to hike the trail. I do however have a few worries.

For one, I am concerned that I am going to get injured in some freak accident before March. A couple weeks ago I was walking to work and crossing a 4 way stop and a car ran the stop sign. I stopped abruptly and as my momentum was pushing me forward the car past inches in front of me. I also avoid playing basketball just because I have a fear that I am going to roll an ankle. I go to a gym with a nice basketball court and I will sometimes go shoot free throws but I try to avoid much more than that.

Along the same lines of an injury I am worried that I may have a financial surprise and be forced to dip into my AT savings. I am ahead of budget as of now so I have been spending a little bit more on my gear than I had planned – I hope I don’t regret it.

I still have a lot of logistics to take care of before leaving March 5th. While this is a major concern, after I quit my job I will have 2 ½ weeks to get everything in order.

I am looking forward to just having trail worries not real life worries.


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