A Confession

I have never gone backpacking for more than one night.

Once I am done with work I will have a lot of opportunities for multi-day trips but as of now I don’t have a lot of experience. I am not worried about this fact but I just thought it was interesting since I will be going from 1 night to 6 months soon.

Over the summer my friend and I planned for a 2 night trip but forest fires and thunderstorms forced us to cancel. Then, this past holiday break I got the flu and was not able to get out.

I will blog about my experience after my first multi-night backpacking trip. Hopefully that will be before March 8th.


Things I worry about

I am pretty confident in my physical ability and to some extent, my mental ability to hike the trail. I do however have a few worries.

For one, I am concerned that I am going to get injured in some freak accident before March. A couple weeks ago I was walking to work and crossing a 4 way stop and a car ran the stop sign. I stopped abruptly and as my momentum was pushing me forward the car past inches in front of me. I also avoid playing basketball just because I have a fear that I am going to roll an ankle. I go to a gym with a nice basketball court and I will sometimes go shoot free throws but I try to avoid much more than that.

Along the same lines of an injury I am worried that I may have a financial surprise and be forced to dip into my AT savings. I am ahead of budget as of now so I have been spending a little bit more on my gear than I had planned – I hope I don’t regret it.

I still have a lot of logistics to take care of before leaving March 5th. While this is a major concern, after I quit my job I will have 2 ½ weeks to get everything in order.

I am looking forward to just having trail worries not real life worries.

Gear: Zpacks order

Yesterday I got a package from Zpacks. Here is what was included.

Zpacks Order

The 2 most important items are the Jacket and the Rain Kilt. These 2 items are the entirety of my rain protection and combined they weigh 7.2 ounces or .45 pounds. I will not be carrying rain pants.

Here is the jacket, it weighs 5.3 ounces:

Zpacks WPB jacket

I will explain the other items in an upcoming post. Now, if it will just rain in Portland I could test out my new gear.

Gear: Down Socks and Pillow

I just got a shipment from Goose Feet Gear in the mail.

Goose Feet Gear


Those red things in the photo are the down socks. They weigh 2.7 ounces.

The black things are waterproof over-booties. They are a shell for the down socks so I can wear the socks around camp. They weigh 2 ounces.

The pillow is very small and would not be very useful if I was sleeping on the ground but in a hammock I think it will be great. It only weights 1.25 ounces.

I will be camping on Mt. Hood this weekend so I should have some comments on how these items performed next week. The socks and over-booties are a luxury item for sure but my feet will be very wet and cold while hiking during the day so it will be nice to have these to look forward to.

Flight Booked





This feels official now. I didn’t even purchase buyers protection.

Flight booked

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