I got my tarp back

I got my tarp back from Hammock Gear a couple of weeks ago. Here is what it looks like set up.


Here is what it looks like from inside.



I forgot tot take a picture of my tarp all wrapped up in my new Cuben Fiber sleeves but I will do that soon.


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Gear: Tarp update and new stove

As a follow up to my last post, I contacted the manufacturer of my tarp and they are paying shipping and fixing it at no cost to me. I should get it back next week. I also purchased Cuben Fiber Sleeves that they will send back in the package. The sleeves will make it easier to set up and tear down the tarp. Thanks HammockGear.com

For the last two weeks I have been doing a lot of research on stoves. My current cook setup is a MSR Pocket Rocket canister stove and a Snow Peak 700 pot. I have no problems with this system but I think I should use alcohol instead of canisters.

I could have just made my own Super Cat stove for a couple of bucks but I am a sucker for innovative gear. I settled on a Caldera Cone stove system. By the time I had a full cart my total was over $200 – I was ashamed when I clicked the submit button.

I purchased the ‘Ti-Tri Sidewinder Bundle’ from Trail Designs. I had to buy a new pot because the Caldera Cone system is customized by pot, and they didn’t have this specific model for my Snow Peak 700. The Ti in the name is for Titanium and the Tri is for the 3 types of fuel that you can use; Wood, Alcohol, or solid fuel. I also purchased what they call the Inferno – it’s an insert that raises the wood fire off the ground to provide venting which results in a gasification effect. I have no idea what a gasification effect is but this stove does it.

Here is what it looks like when everything is in my pot. Note:  I will not be able to fit my fuel or the 2 titanium stakes inside.


Here is what it looks like with the lid off.


Everything that was in is now out.


What cooking will look like in solid fuel mode.


What cooking will look like in wood burning mode.


Total weight with everything but fuel and stakes is 7.7 ounces.

There are two things that will make me very happy that I went with this over a Super Cat. If I am able to bake with it (think “just add water” muffin mix) and if I am able to easily use it as a campfire to warm up. I am eager to test this stove out and when I do I will post some photos.

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