Shelter Fail

I went over to my local park to test my new tarp. It is my most expensive piece of gear that I have purchased for my thru-hike. All week it was a battle between my laziness and eagerness to try out my tarp. I planned on getting home early from work and hanging it up but laziness got the better of me. Saturday will work just fine.


I hung up my hammock and tested my new structural ridegeline and things were going good. I moved onto my tarp and I carefully unpacked her and began setting up. After I tightened my 3rd stake SNAP! – one side collapsed.


Normally, this would not cause me to freak out but this is a $300 tarp and I have been very careful with it. One of the plastic tie-outs has broken – at least it wasn’t the material.


I am a little frustrated but I will contact Hammock Gear to see what can be done. I am not so much worried about not being able to test it right now as much as I am concerned about the durability of this tarp for the Appalachian Trail.

2 thoughts on “Shelter Fail

  1. That’s awesome you are trying it out ahead of time. I’d be worried about the same thing! Durability. Who knows if you’ll have the energy to worry about that stuff after a long day of hiking. Hopefully it’s just a fluke occurrence 🙂

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